2003 DISSERTATION: „This wonderful man never fails...Trial of a classification of the moments of surprise in the symphonies of Joseph Haydn“
2003 Artistic and executive director of the festival “Trigonale – Festival der Alten Musik”
2007 Kunst im Werk
2007-2009 Conception of the project „HAYDN 100&7“, performing of all 107 symphonies of Joseph Haydn
2008-2009 Conception of the project „WORLD CREATION“, digital presentation of the oratory „THE CREATION“ of Joseph Haydn
2009 Conception of the Orchestra academy Ossiach - OAO

2010 Start of Festival Kvarner
2011 Conception of the „PROJECT PURPUR“
2012-2015 Conception of the formats: PURPUR MEETS …, PURE CHOCOLATE, PURPUR XTREME and PURE OPERA
2015 Conception of the project "La Mer - Rijeka 2020"
2016 Conception of the project "H13", presentation of the 13 italian operas of Joseph Haydn
2016 - 2017 Conception of the project "HAYDN13" (, digital presentation of the 13 italian operas of Joseph Haydn
2017 - 2018 Conception of the project "GUSTAV MAHLER - TRACK TO INSPIRATION": Influences on Mahlers music
2019 - 2020 GUSTAV MAHLER ...
2019 - 2020 Relaunch
2020 Conception of the project "HAYDN5" (, digital presentation of the 5 oratories of Joseph Haydn
2020 Conception of the project "HAYDN-JOSEPH" (, digital presentation of a Catalog raisonné and a chronicle of Joseph Haydn


2004 Conception of the EU-project: „Europa der 25 – Herausforderung und Chancen“
2010 Conception of the EU-Project „PurPur – European Sound Interchange“
2011 Cooperation with Ars Electronica and Haydnfestspiele Eisenstadt: 3D-visualization of the 9th symphony of A. Dvořák
2011 Conception of the EU-project „GLAGOLICA - A European Musical Language“
2012 Conception of the EU-project „Purpur – A European Opera Sound - EOS“
2013 Cooperation with Ars Electronica and Festival Ljubljana
2017 Conception of the EU-project "FRANKOPAN"
2018 Conception of the EU-project "GUSTAV MAHLER - TRACK TO INSPIRATION
2019 Cooperation in the EU-project EEEMERGING+